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Pet System
One of the unique features of Fairyland Online is the pet system. The game world is full of cute wild beasts, which might attack people but they can also be adopted and raised by users. After being tamed, the pets could be very helpful partners to users.

Hundreds of Quests
NPC (Non-Player Characters) in Fairyland Online would encounter various challenges, and these challenges will become players' missions. Players have to solve NPC's problems. All the missions are derived from the fairytales of many different countries worldwide (e.g. Mermaid Princess, Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, etc.) The players can get money, gifts, experience or reputation points by completing the quests.

Players earn their own reputation by completing the missions requested from NPC or helping the village head to protect his village. The reputation is a source of the sense of satisfaction, and it is also a necessary element for obtaining certain rare resource (e.g. special pets or unique equipment).

Working Skills
Players in Fairyland Online can try to learn and practice different working skills, such as chopping, fishing, farming, cooking, weaving, and smelting. These skills would help players differentiate resources or materials. Then players could use them to produce or make tools, food, weapons, and clothes. Different combinations of working skills would allow players to produce different stuff.

Occupation System
When players reach level 10, they can choose an occupation, which will lead them to a specific field as they get stronger. Players can choose to become a fighter, a pet-tamer, a merchant, a monk, a magician, or a swordsman at their own wills. Each of the occupation has many tailor-made designs of special fighting skills and when players’ level passes 60, they could upgrade their occupation to the next level.

Team up
Every player can create a team and invites other players to join in. Then the team leader may lead his members to enjoy the adventure in the game together. Team strength is more powerful than an individual player, which creates team spirit and increases the interaction between players.