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After the severe wars and a thousand year of trial, the God has awaked. Through the eyes of Moon Goodness Dania, his hazy mind has started to be aware of the change of the present world. The awaking God has burst into deep sorrow for the lost of his kind and the destruction of the world.

In Crystal village, a remote countryside of east Skinblade, a young man found his parents had been missing during his adulthood celebration, therefore left for a journey of searching.

1. Exciting competition and fighting amongst seven realms.
2. Players are able to govern the territory of their own and vie for the new ones.
3. With automatic plug-in, route searching and so on functions, players are able to pick up the game easily.
4. With 39 choices of profession and more than 500 skills, players are free to build their characters with a great flexibility.
5. There are various ways to accumulate EXP, such as daily mission, teamwork, IQ testing game and so on.
6. The help function provides assistance to players.
7. Players are able to gain profits from the transaction of stock market.